First International OTEC Symposium

The first International OTEC Symposium took place September 10-11, 2013 at the Honolulu Convention Center alongside the Asia Clean Energy Summit (9/9) and 4th Hawaii Okinawa Ocean Energy Workshop on the Island of Hawaii (9/13).

First OTEC Symposium Group Photo

Day 1 (9/9)

Moderator Dr. Luis Vega of the University of Hawaii.

Policies, Finance and Incentives (AM)

  • The Korean Roadmap to OTEC Industrialization – Hyeon-Ju Kim (KIOST)
  • OTEC: The Promise and the Problem – Kerry Kehoe (NOAA)
  • OTEC as an Economic Engine – Barry Cole (OTI)
  • The DCNS OTEC Roadmap for France – Emmanuel Brochard (DCNS)
  • Framework for OTEC Development in Malaysia – A. Bakar Jaafar (UTM)
  • Philippines Government Policies for OTEC Development – Mario Marasigan (REMB)
  • OTEC: A Collaborative Effort – Paul Dinnissen (OTEC Foundation)

Developer’s Perspective Roundtable Discussion (PM)

  • Thierry Bouchet (DCNS
  • Desiree Latimer (Bell Pirie Power Corporation)
  • Robert Varley (Lockheed Martin)
  • Ted Johnson (Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation)
  • Eileen O’Rourke (OTEC International LLC)
  • Stephen Kibbee (SBM Offshore)
  • Shin Okamura (Xenesys Inc)
  • Larry Shapiro (OTI)

The Ocean Environment (PM)

  • Global Ocean Thermal Resources for Sustainable OTEC Application – Krishnakumar Rajagopalan and Gerard Nihous (University of Hawaii)
  • Biochemical Simulation of a 100MW OTEC Plume – Greg Rocheleau (Makai Ocean Engineering)
  • Potential Environmental Effects of OTEC Effluent off Kosrae – J. Kim (Chonnam University)
  • Potential Environmental Impact of Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning: Submersible Surveys along the Intake Pipe Route to 250m Depth – Christopher Kelley (University of Hawaii)
  • Monitoring Key Biogeochemical Parameters due to SWAC Operations on Mamala Bay, Hawaii – Christina Comfort (University of Hawaii)
  • Potential Environmental Consequences of Enhanced Ocean Upwelling – David Karl (University of Hawaii)

Day 2 (9/10)


  • Henk Rogers (Blue Planet Foundation)
  • Tomoyo Nonaka (Gaia Initiative)
  • Ronald Jumeau (Global Island Partnership)
  • Peter Boyd (Carbon War Room)

Experimental Plants and OTEC Technology

  • 100kW CC-OTEC Plant and Deep Ocean Water Applications in Kumejima, Okinawa, Japan – Yasuyuki Ikegami (Saga University)
  • Cycle Analysis of Ocean Geothermal Power Generation using Multistaged Turbine – H. Lee (KIOST)
  • Rankine Cycle Working Fluids for CC-OTEC Application – D. Jung (Inha University)
  • 20kW CC-OTEC Turbine Design – S. Han (Seoul University of Science and Technology)
  • CC-OTEC Heat Exchangers: Performance and Power Output – Pat Grandelli (Makai Ocean Engineering)
  • Design and Test of Tube & Shell Heat Exchangers for Potential OTEC Application – J. Kwon (Hoseo University)
  • Developing IPP’s for Isolated Grids: Issues and Opportunities – L. Shapiro (OTI)

Other Applications (DOW Utilization)

  • Creation of Artificial Seaweed Forest using Discharged Deep Seawater – H. Kim (National University of Gangneug-Wonju)
  • OTEC CWP Conceptual Design: Large Diameter Laminated Composite Material Riser Numerical Model – D.Jung (KIOST)
  • Seawater Conduits for OTEC and SWAC: Drilled Hydrothermal Energy (DHE) – Ted Jagusztyn (COTHERM)
  • Seawater as a Heating and Cooling Source for Busan, Korea – S. Kim (Dongeui University)
  • Computational Analysis on Multiphase Flow in a Vortex Separator as Intake Device for Seawater – S. Lee (Chungbuk National University)
  • Kaiuli Energy’s Seawater Air Conditioning Projects for Hawaii – Darryl Nakamoto (Kaiulienergy)
  • Waikiki SWAC Public Attitudes Survey – Jon Lilley (University of Hawaii)

Working Session

  • Chair: Luis Vega (University of Hawaii)
  • Moderator: Sa-Young Hong (Korea Institute of Ocean Science)

NELHA Field Visit and Discussion (9/12)

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