3rd International OTEC Symposium

Group Photo of the 3rd International OTEC Symposium

The 3rd International OTEC Symposium was held on September 1, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. The host organization was the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

Proceedings for the event are available via: https://otec.utm.my/blog/2016/01/05/3rd-international-otec-symposium-proceedings/

Program Details


  • OTEC: Past, Present & Future | Dr. Luis A Vega
  • Technical Readiness of OTEC to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals | Dr. Hyeon-Ju Kim
  • Overcoming Barriers through Policy Advocacy & Investment Promotion | Prof Dato’ Ir. Dr. A. Bakar Jaafar
  • Japan Activity and Strategy for OTEC | Dr. Yasuyuki Ikegami
  • OTEC by DCNS: Developments Today and Tomorrow | Theirry Bouchet
  • Technip Supporting Malaysian OTEC Ambitions | Jim O’Sullivan
  • An Overview of Rotating Equipment for 5MWe OTEC Plant | James Bryan
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Technology and Project Development in Bluerise | Remi Blokker
  • PASDEC with the First SPV for OTEC Development in Malaysia | Dato’ Mohd Khairuddin Hj. Abdul Manan
  • Why Falling Oil Price will not Impinge OTEC Development | Dr. Fauziah Sh. Ahmad
  • Why do you think that you/we can make a Difference in the Human Future on Planet Earth | Dr. Donald Huisingh
  • OTEC Power Plant Brief Theory and Practice for Non-mechanical Engineers | Dr. Md Nor Musa
  • Legal Issues Concerning OTEC Development Activities in Malaysia | Datin Sharina Shaukat
  • Investment in OTEC | Mizuan Manaf

Paper Presentations

  • Technical Readiness of GoOTEC by KRISO
  • Roadmap from Research, Product Development and Commercialisation for OTEC projects using the Engineering Finance Methodology
  • Numerical Simulation of and OTEC Thermal Discharge in Tarawa, Kiribati
  • STeD Engine: Modified ORC Cycle for OTEC
  • Ocean Thermal Desalination for California
  • Leveraging Foresight and Roadmap Approaches to Support OTEC Development in Malaysia
  • Comparison of OTEC Cycles by Various Refrigerants
  • Introduction of Multi-State Cycle for Advance OTEC System
  • Offshore Hybrid Solar-Wave Mobile Electricity Generation System using Tuned Liquid Column Damper
  • The Development of Marine Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MGDI) for OTEC using GIS
  • Designing of Off-Grid Power System Using OTEC-Hydrogen Fuel
  • Performance of OTEC Rankine Cycle using Different Working Fluids
  • Modelling of Hybrid Solar Pond – OTEC for Power Generation
  • Performance Analysis of and Offshore Geo-Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (GeOTEC)
  • Distribution of Heavy Metals in Sediments of Coastal Waters, Malaysia
  • The Effects of Deep Sea Drinking Water on the Specific Adipokines of Obesity
  • Experimental Simulated Soil Conditions for Temperate Crop Growing in Tropical Lowland Areas
  • Ciguatera Poisoning and its Potential Incidence Risks of OTEC Operation in Tropical Reef Coastal Waters
  • Optimization Performance of Power Generation and Freshwater Production Utilizing Ocean Thermal
  • A Simulation Study on the Performance of Solar Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion in Malaysia